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During the period from September, 9 till September, 13 in Krasnodar in a showroom to the address of a square of October Revolution, 2 the exhibition "InfoCom-2003" will take place.

On the area about 1000 sq.m. of 15 participants will present the expositions which will show results realization "Electronic Russia" in South Region.

Following program sections will be submitted:
  • е-government,
  • е-regions,
  • е-commerce,
  • е-training,
  • Cyber-mail, press, money,
  • е-resources,
  • е-services ля the population,
  • е-safety,
  • Internet - clubs.
All program sections will work in a mode on-line, all visitors and participants of an exhibition can and can really take advantage of electronic services which became accessible at introduction of the program in south region. Besides work at stands, carrying out of the following actions is planned:
  • solemn ceremony of opening of an exhibition with performances of heads of regional authorities, representatives of business;
  • the organization free-of-charge the Internet - club on 16 workplaces;
  • carrying out of selection cyber-tournament on several nominations with definition of the winner for final battle;
  • participation in a computer quiz;
  • carrying out of promo-actions of the services given by Open Society "UTK"(programs of quizes and competitions for visitors of an exhibition with draw of valuable prizes are developed);
  • sale of the equipment and services of communication(connection) with significant exhibition discounts;
  • the extensive cultural program with performance of the Kuban Cossack chorus and creative collectives of Krasnodar.
The plan of a video conferencing with Moscow has various thematic character. Except for sections of "Electronic Russia", in it will find reflection social and cultural events of a life of district: an opening day to Rostov - on- Don, magnificent celebrating of anniversary of the Kuban village, festival "the Film-shock - 2003" in Anapa.

At an exhibition will work пресс - the center in detail covering events of an exhibition in mass-media and a network the Internet. The opportunity of carrying out of press conference is studied.

Since September, 1 carrying out of a scale advertising campaign of an exhibition "InfoCom-2003" in Krasnodar with use of various advertising tools (electronic and printed mass-media, advertising in a network the Internet on the largest information portals of district, the outdoor advertising, promo-actions in educational institutions of city and the Internet - clubs) is planned.

Co organizer - Open Society "UTK"


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