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About the Exhibition


We invite you, to take part in 3-rd International exhibition  forum on the telecommunications, new infocommunication technologies and their applications "Infocommunications Russia  XXI century"

From September, 9 till September, 13, 2003 in Moscow in Red Presnya Expocentre under aegis of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on communication and information the 3 international exhibition  forum "Infocommunications Russia  ХХI a century" (InfoCom-2003) will take place.

The program "Electronic Russia" realization results in 2003 will be shown at an exhibition  forum.

For maximum wide this sphere society attention attraction, popularization of the Federal Target program "Electronic Russia" exhibition will simultaneously take place in Moscow and in Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod and Ekaterinburg.

The demonstration of solemn opening, press conferences, presentation programs, a forum, and also of the last achievements realization experience exchange in area of infocommunications is planned in "Electronic Russia" pavilions.

The conference "Electronic Russia" and an Internet  forum is planned to carry out in the "InfoCom-2003" frameworks.

Organizers of an exhibition  forum "Infocommunications Russia - XXI century" are sure, that this action will become one of the most significant events in the life infocommunication communities.

Welcome to third international exhibition  forum "InfoCom-2003"!

Terms of carrying out

Editing: on September, 4, 2003 - on September, 8, 2003.
Work: on September, 9, 2003 - on September, 13, 2003
Dismantle: on September, 14, 2003 - on September, 17, 2003.


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