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Participation Application

The organization having decided to take part in the Third International Exhibition & Forum "Infocommunications of Russia - XXI century" ("InfoCom-2003") declares that it has fully studied the Terms of participation which it accepts and undertake to comply with and apply for exhibition space as follows.

Application in rtf

Company information
*Company Name:
*First and last name of the person respobsible for participation of the company:
Account :
We apply for the following exhibition space:
1. Raw exhibition space  sq.m.
2. Equipped space (turn-key stand)  sq.m.
3. Exhibition space,second level  sq.m.
4. Open-air space  sq.m.
Registration fee 250 CHF (+VAT) x  Number of exhibiting companies
Organizer of the collective display effects payment of the whole amount of the registration fee in respect of each praticipant of its exposition.

Please fill out this application form and submit it to the Organizer's address before August 10, 2003

The filled out application form is the basis for signing the Contract for participation in the exhibition "InfoCom-2003".

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