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From September, 9 till September, 13 for the first time in Ekaterinburg in the Palace of game kinds of sports "Uralochka" will pass 3-n International an exhibition - forum on the telecommunications, new information technologies and their appendices "Infocommunications Russia - XXI century" ("InfoCom-2003").

The basic idea of an exhibition - demonstration modern infocommunication technologies, display of achievements of the Russian and foreign firms on rendering new kinds of services. The special attention will be given to the Federal target program "Electronic Russia" and to informing of inhabitants on projects spent within the framework of the program.

This will be already third international exhibition infocommunication and this year it will be simultaneously lead(will be simultaneously carried out) in five Russian cities: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Nizhni Novgorod. Virtual demonstration in regions will include carrying out of solemn opening, press conference, presentation programs, and as carrying out of a forum on which experts of these cities can exchange experience in realization of the last infocommunication achievements.

The general area of an exposition of 2000 sq.m. The stand "Electronic Russia" 600 sq.m. The exposition will be submitted by sections: the Electronic government, Electronic trade, the Bank technologies, New information technologies in formation(education), the Telemedicine, Cyberpost, Electronic information resources, Services for the population, the Electronic house. On them technologies of granting of services on reception of the tax reporting in an electronic kind, creations of system of the information-marketing centers, creations of system of telecommunications for remote interaction of establishments of public health services, service of an educational portal for training citizens of the countries CIS, etc. will be shown. Total of participants, including correspondence participation - 150. At the stand "Electronic Russia" 25 enterprises of the Ural region will be exposed.

Demonstration of solemn opening, press conferences, presentation programs, forum, and also exchange of experience on realization of last achievements in the area of infocommunications is planned.

Direct translation in Ekaterinburg from all exhibition platforms of cities - participants the largest telecommunication company of the Ural region will provide Open Society "Uralsvyazinform ". Coordinates work of an exhibition - forum the device of plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Uralsk federal district.

Co organizer - Open Society "Uralsvyazinform"

Fair ground:

Palace of game kinds of sports "Uralochka"
The area of an exposition - 600 sq.m.

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