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Participation Conditions

General conditions

The company REZONANS on behalf of the Ministry for communications and informatization of the Russian Federation is the organizer of the Third International Exhibition-forum "Infocommunications of Russia - XXI century" ("InfoCom-2003") on telecommunications, new technologies in infocommunications and their applications.

The exibition and forum will be held on the exhibitions grounds of ZAO Expocentr at Krasnaya Presnya, Hall 7, from 9 September to 13 September 2003.

The present Terms of participation are binding for all companies hereinafter referred to as "Exhibitors".

Time of construction and dismantling

  • construction 4 September to 8 September 2003
  • show dates 9 September to 13 September 2003
  • dismantling 14 September to 17 September 2003
  • opening hours 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Registering to exhibit

The companies that wish to take part in the Exhibition shall fax the application form (see enclosed) to the Organizer's address not later than 10 August 2003. The original of the application form to be forwarded to the Organizer's address by post.

The minimum exhibition space offered for rent is 9 sq.m.

The date of filling the application form is considered the date when the contractual relationship of the parties begins.

Rates for participation

The following Exhibitor services are included in to the cost of participation (VAT not included):
Service Rate per 1 sq.m.(Swiss francs)
1. Raw exhibition space for firms and companies demonstrating Russian-made products. 180
2. Exhibition space including cost of standard stand for firms and companies demonstrating Russian-made products. 225
3. Raw exhibition space for foreign firms and Russian participants demonstrating foreign-made products. 220
4. Exhibition space including cost of standard stand for foreign firms and Russian participants demonstrating foreign-made products. 310
5. Open-air space 50% of the indoor rate
6. Compulsory insurance 2,2
Extra-charge for enhanced visibility of the stand
7. Extra-charge for the second level of the stand 50% of the indoor rate
8. Stand with 2 open sides + 10 %
9. Stand with 3 open sides + 15 %
10. Stand with 4 open sides (an island) + 20 %

Raw space includes exhibitions space, general security, general electrical lighting, cleaning of gangways and places of general use, constant passes to the exhibition (one pass for the 3 sq.m. of the space), general exhibition advertisements. The cost of the organizer's service is 80 CHF for each exhibitor.

Registration fee for all the participants of the exhibition including sub-exhibitors is 250 CHF + VAT. The registration fee includes the following services for the Exhibitor: 10 guest entrance tickets for the exhibition, publishing the compulsory company details in the exhibition catalogue, 1 copy of the catalogue.

Each registered participant of the exhibition has to present the following information to be published in the Official Catalogue: company name (in Latin and Cyrillic transcriptions), address, telephone, fax, E-mail, website address, and brief information on the company's activity up to 3 lines long (each line contains 50 characters including blanks and punctuation marks). Oversize publications as well as logotypes and advertisements shall be extra charged.

Terms of payment

Payment for participation in the Exhibition is effected in 100% of the cost of the participation in the roubles at Russia's Central Bank rates effective on the date of payment in accordance with the invoices issued by the Organizer based on the applications of the Exhibitors.

Final settlement of accounts is carried out within 1 month after the end of the Exhibition on the basis of the Statement of execution of the jobs to be signed by the parties.

Refusal of participation

In the event the Exhibitor refuses to participate before 28 July 2003, the Organizer reimburses the funds transferred by the Exhibitor with the deduction of the actually incurred costs and overhead expenses.

A fine of 50% of the participation cost applies in the event the written refusal notice is received by the Organizer from 28 July to 22 August 2003.

In the event the written refusal notice is received by the Organizer after 22 August 2003, the Exhibitor shall pay a fine in the amount of the overall cost of participation in the Exhibition.

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