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Thematic Sections

Infocommunication services on the basis of integration of a communication facility and informations

  • Teleprocessing of the data, systems of data gathering
  • Videoinformation and multimedia services on the basis of existing and perspective broadband communication networks, including networks of mobile communication of 3-rd generation, help services, navigating services, video by inquiry
  • The equipment of access in the Internet, gates the equipment, servers, modems, means of protection of the information, the equipment for the organization and managements of the multi-purpose and specialized databases
  • Computer telephony and Internet - telephony and other Internet - appendices
  • Socially significant appendices infocommunications: teletraining, a telemedicine, the organization of workplaces with the help infocommunications systems
  • Electronic office, mobile office, systems of remote control by housekeeping
  • The systems giving a full package infocommunications of services to subscribers with low incomes, living in areas with small population density

Information and computer networks

  • New information technologies and their appendices
  • Equipment rooms and software of systems of integration
  • Electronic commerce, hardware-software platforms for commercial activity, logistical systems
  • Safety of computer networks, protection of systems of electronic business
  • Computer networks in the Internet


  • Telecommunication networks of regional camera associations: a condition and prospects of development. The basic regional both federal projects and programs of development infocommunications
  • Achievements of joint ventures on manufacture of the hi-tech equipment of communication: the serial equipment, perspective development, investment projects
  • Communication networks with switching channels - narrow-band and broadband, networks ISDN, networks with switching packages, intellectual networks. Services of networks ISDN and intellectual networks. Control systems of networks, the call-centers and systems of user's service
  • The equipment of digital systems of transfer and condensation of channels, including SDH and ATM, for transfer of speech, the data and the documentary information
  • Systems of switching of channels and packages, routers and another switching and кроссовое the equipment
  • Mobile communication, the infrastructural equipment of cellular networks of mobile communication, the send-receive equipment of base stations, radio telephones and other terminal equipment of technologies GSM, IMT-2000, the WAP-equipment, WAP-services of systems of mobile communication of 3-rd generation
  • Measuring technics (technical equipment)
  • Power supplies and means of protection and struggle against plunders

Post services

  • Modern systems and means of post communication
  • The technological post equipment
  • Means of automation and safety at the enterprises of mail
  • E-mail and modern means of delivery of mail

Scientific researches and technologies

  • Basic researches in the field of a radio communication, broadcastings, TV and wire communication
  • New technologies and methods of transfer and switching of signals
  • Applied researches in area infocommunications services
  • The software: standard software products for corporate control systems and document circulation
  • Systems of a video conferencing
  • Systems of communication and supply with information of the enterprises and the organizations
The mentioned above subjects of action should find reflection in the following sections of a lay-out of the exhibition:

The electronic government (The Person and The state)

  • Wire and wireless systems of access in the Internet; directory services and services on work of state institutions with the population; systems of interactive interaction of the population with agencies of authority; videoconferences and space bridges
  • The state register of the population and electronic systems of the account of the basic demographic data
  • Electronic document circulation in bodies of the government; viewing of entering electronic messages and inquiries; preparation and dispatch of electronic letters
  • Means of maintenance of an information transparency of the state, perfection and increase of efficiency of controls, maintenance of efficiency of budgetary charges
  • Use of means of information for interaction of the state with business; systems of the electronic reporting, the taxation, gathering of the statistical data and the control of a structure and the status of the enterprises of private(individual) business
  • Means of information for teletraining with the purpose of vocational training and retraining of experts

Electronic business (The Person and The Business)

  • Packages of applied programs focused on the user for the decision of problems of management of business
  • Systems of technoparks
  • Systems of electronic trade and new means of business dealing
  • Introduction of systems of the through automated designing in manufacture and research activity; geoinformation systems
  • Systems and means of mobile business and mobile trade
  • The equipment of office: a communication facility and information, local networks and the equipment of local networks

The electronic world (The Person in The electronic world)

  • Telecommunications as means of human dialogue and interactive information interaction
  • Control facilities electronic housekeeping: the automated account of the charge of water, gas, an electricity and electronic payment of municipal payments and accounts, the remote control and management of means of automation and management of housekeeping
  • Infocommunications Use in sphere of social security and in insurance
  • Means of entertainment, use of telecommunication systems of access to entertaining programs, video by inquiry
  • Mass media: the electronic newspaper, electronic library, help services
  • The equipment of domestic theatre
  • Надомное a workplace, use infocommunication means for increase of employment of the population
  • Distance education and retraining
  • Domestic medical telediagnostics and telemedicine
  • Systems of identification of the user, system of protection of the information, the electronic digital signature

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