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Rezonans Ltd.

Rezonans Ltd has been working in Russian telecommunication market for more than ten years. During this term the main directions of our activity aimed at the development and improvement of interconnected communication network of Russia have been formed:
  • Arrangement and carrying out of meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations many of which have already become traditional (All-Russia meeting of the chiefs of the departmental enterprises of communication, All-Russia meeting on safety, All-Russia meeting on certification and others).

  • Rendering of information service including subscription service to Russian and foreign enterprises represented in Russian market of telecommunication.

  • Issuing of legal and normative documents of Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Russian Federation and other administrative organizations of communication.

  • Rendering of consulting service, including the assistance in carrying out a project from its intention moment, searching partners, arranging negotiations; and Representation of the regional Russian and foreign telecommunication companies concerns, including services in creation of "virtual office" in Moscow, organization of the business program for the representatives of corporations, and also rendering of technical, legal etc. help at creation of a representative office in Moscow.
Responding on requests of time, Rezonans Ltd founded Communication Training Center "Rezonans" (CTC "Rezonans") and Certification Center "Rezonans-S" and is also a founder of the journal "Mobile Telecommunication Systems". Being the member of Association of Documentary Electric Communication Rezonans supervises an educational activity of the organization.

Contact Information:

Address: 103375, Russia, Moscow, Tverskaya St., 7
Telephone: (7 095) 292-12-48, (7 095) 292-13-10
Fax: (7 095) 209-40-73

Web: www.rezonance.com

"Expocentre" Ltd

Contact Information:

Address: Russia, 123100, Moscow, Kransnopresninskaya shore, 14
Telephone: (7 095) 255-37-99, (7 095) 205-28-00
Fax : (7 095) 205-72-10, (7 095) 205-60-55
E-mail :
Web: www.expocentr.ru

Copyright © 2003 Rezonans Ltd.
tel: +7(095) 201-63-81,
fax: +7(095) 209-40-73

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