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N. Novgorod

The information on preparation of 3 International exhibitions - forums "InfoCom-2003" in Nizhni Novgorod

From September, 9 till September, 15 in Nizhni Novgorod in territory "The Nizhniy Novgorod Fair" will pass 3-rd International exhibition - forum on the new telecommunications and infocommunication technologies and their appendices - "Infocommunications Russia - XXI century" ("InfoCom-2003").

The exhibition - forum is carried out under aegis of the Russian Federation Ministry on communication and information. On "InfoCom-2003" existing and perspective kinds of services of information technologies for heads of federal and regional authorities, representatives of business, and also the widest layers of population of Privolshzky federal district will be shown. The exhibition - forum will simultaneously pass in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhni Novgorod and Novosibirsk. Between these cities at technical support of Open Society "Rostelecom "the video conferencing including carrying out of ceremony of solemn opening, presentations of projects of regions, an interactive exchange of experience on realization of last achievements in area infocommunications, a computer quiz, the ending of cyber-tournament is established.

The organizer "InfoCom-2003" in Nizhni Novgorod - Open Society "VolgaTelecom".

At an exhibition results of "Electronic Russia" program realization in 2003 on the following sections will be submitted: the е-government, е-commerce, е-medicine, е-training, е-resources, cyberpost, cyberpress, Internet - club. Sections of an exposition "Electronic Russia" at an exhibition in Nizhni Novgorod represent 14 organizations, including the stand of Open Society "VolgaTelecom" with a special zone of presentation programs.

The area of an exhibition makes 500 sq.m.

The program of an exhibition - forum "InfoCom-2003" includes carrying out of the following actions: press conferences, official opening, days of regions, "Day of family", etc. Scripts of carrying out of the basic actions of an exhibition Are developed.

Within the framework of a forum "InfoCom-2003" in Nizhni Novgorod carrying out of conference on introduction of the Intellectual Communication network is planned.

Visitors of an exhibition will find out not only about concrete projects in frameworks "Electronic Russia", but also can really take advantage of electronic services which became accessible at introduction of the program. Among them demonstration new infocommunication services, Internet - club with free-of-charge access in a network, demonstration performances of the best gamers of Russia, original competitions and quizes with valuable prizes, demonstration of the newest game and training programs from the largest Russian firms, an opportunity to receive the qualified medical consultation on distance.

During work of an exhibition - from September, 9 till September, 15 in pavilion №7 "Electronic Russia" in which will pass meetings of representatives of mass-media with heads and experts of the ministries and the departments participating in realization of the Program, large ИТ-companies, will work as participants of an exhibition - forum press-centre. Employees of the press centre will carry out gathering and generalization of the information on events at the Nizhniy Novgorod exhibition with the subsequent publication of news about a course of action on all exhibition space.

Co organizer Open Society "VolgaTelecom"


Fair ground:

"The Nizhniy Novgorod Fair", pavilion №7
603086, nizhni Novgorod, street. Sovnarkomovskaya, 13.
The area of an exposition - 450 sq.m.

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