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Conference "Summarizing of the Federal Target Program "Electronic Russia " for 2002 - 2003 realization "

The expanded session of council of the main designers of information of regions of the Russian Federation in frameworks "InfoCom-2003"

Round table "Pressing questions of infocommunication safety"

Conference: "Modern technologies in projects of information"

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The expanded session of council of the main designers of information of regions of the Russian Federation in frameworks "InfoCom-2003"

11 September 2003, 14:00 - 18:00, pavilion № 7 "Expocentres"

The leader: A.V.Korotkov

Session I:

The basic directions of a state policy of information of regions and municipal formations.

14:00-14:20 Greeting of Minister of the Russian Federation on communication and informations Leonid Dododzhonovicha Rejmana
14:20-14:40 "Formation and realization of a state policy in sphere of regional information".
A.V.Korotkov - the first deputy minister of the Russian Federation on communication and informations
14:40-15:00 "The electronic governments of subjects of the Russian Federation - a basis of the electronic government of Russia".
A.V.Shubin - the head of Interfractional deputy association of the State Duma of the Russian Federation "Electronic Russia"
15:00-15:20 "The estimation of a condition of information of institutions of local government by results of the carried out competitions within the framework of realization Program" Electronic Russia".
T.V. Tserenov - The head of Department of corporate management and new economy of Russia Ministry of Economic
15:20-15:40 "Electronic Moscow" and "Electronic Russia". J.V.Rosljak - the assistant to Mayor in the Government of Moscow
15:40-16:00 "Possible directions of expansion of market IKT in regions with quickly growing economy".
The sponsor's report of Company IBM.M.A.Guriev - Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor
16:00-16:20 Coffee - break
16:20-16:40 "About experience of coordination of actions of the Government of the Moscow area and Ministry of Communications of Russia on creation of Territorial information system of the Moscow area".
V.B.Krymov - Minister of Economics of the Government of the Moscow area
16:40-17:00 "The Yaroslavl area as one of basic zones on realization of actions ФЦП "Electronic Russia".
S.A.drill - the first vice-governor of the Yaroslavl area
17:00-17:20 "Decisions in SoftSwitch technology".
The sponsor's report of Company ZTE. Тань Фэнянь - the senior engineer, Department of the transport network
17:20-17:50 Separate thematic session "About the 40-anniversary of domestic school of regional information and the 80-anniversary of its founder of academician V.M.Glushkov".
E.K.Pervyshin - Minister of the industry of a communication facility (1974-1989), Minister of Communications of the USSR (1989-1991), the President of Association "Mirtelecom",
JU.A.Mikheyev - Dr.Sci.Economy, prof.
18:10 Buffet table

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